Open Sudan University

As an extension of the higher education revolution, and an increase in the content of its subjects to suit the social, economic and scientific conditions for those wishing to pursue higher education, and a desire to liberate higher education from all temporal and spatial constraints, it was necessary to provide this type of open education, and in order to complement the role provided by resident education. The Council of Ministers issued Resolution No. (164) in April 2002 corresponding to Safar 2, 1432 AH, approving the Sudan Open University project. As a public university that adopts the open distance learning system.

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Our Mission & Vision

Liberating higher education from the restrictions that hinder it from performing its role in comprehensive social development, offering it to those who desire it in a way that suits their social and practical conditions, and overcoming temporal and spatial restrictions, as well as racial and ethnic restrictions.

– Promote continuing education and community education.

Creating major human development by spreading higher education and qualifying and preparing trained manpower capable of meeting development needs.

– Increasing the efficiency of utilizing the current higher education resources (human and material), so that all Sudanese universities become centers of the Open University, and their professors become professors at the Open University, as well as its laboratories and halls.

– Facing the increasing number of successful students who do not find positions in the current universities (as it is expected that more than two hundred thousand students will not find their seats in Sudanese universities despite the increase in their numbers and the expansion of admission to them).

Reducing the effects of the higher education revolution represented in the scarcity of professors, the weakness of university libraries, the suffering of students in their pension, housing and transportation, in addition to other social conditions that students suffer from, especially female students.

Supporting higher and public education institutions through modern educational technologies, so that the specially prepared university book becomes a reference for the university student, and the university electronic library becomes a comprehensive library of references and all scientific fields through one subscription available to Sudanese university students.

Accepting large numbers of students, thus reducing the cost of educating one student in this system, and reducing the cost of infrastructure compared to other universities.

Featured Causes For Higher Education

Education [Teaching Curriculum Methods] Higher Diploma + Master
Business Administration Higher Diploma + Master
Accounting and Auditing Higher Diploma + Master
Arabic Language and Literature MA
English Language and Literature MA
MA Geography
Arabic Language for Speakers of Other Languages Higher Diploma + Master [by research]
Computer Science Higher Diploma + Master
Information Technology Higher Diploma + Master
Software Engineering Higher Diploma + Master
Tourism and Archaeological Guidance Higher Diploma + Master
Sudanese Folklore [Folklore] Higher Diploma + Master [by Research] + Ph.D
Islamic Archeology Higher Diploma + Master [by research] + Ph.D
Islamic Studies MA + PhD by research
Law Master + PhD by research
Media Master + PhD by research
Psychology MA + PhD by research
Economics MA + PhD by research
Translation Master + PhD by research
History MA + PhD by researchAncient Egyptian Sudanese Studies MA + PhD by research