About Future Shaping Institute

The Future Shaping Institute for Training and Consulting, for the year 2010 was established as a training center specialized in providing training and consulting solutions to the public and private sectors with the aim of developing human resources. The Institute was established in order to achieve one goal of discovering talents, building capabilities and creating a positive educational environment in which the participant finds the opportunity to explode his potential energies, and put things that he cannot learn, in the various fields that all qualifications are interested in to raise the capabilities of their employees by linking the academic aspects with the practical reality in various fields. Application to benefit him on the personal and societal level.

Why Us ?

Use of modern and innovative training methods in in order to provide information to the trainees in the best ways.

Acquisition of individual professional knowledge and the capacity to complete the work perfechy.


Providing training services in a high-quality manner and a positive approach With the variables and technology, with the provision of qualified experts and consultants

Our Message

To provide solutions based on qualitative needs through Workshops and conferences in various administrative, leadership and management fields Human resources, technical accounting


It is working through one team that understands and harmonizes Customer and exceed his expectations creativity and continuous development