Our Vision

Future Shaping Institute, has been established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as a national institute dedicated to serve and develop the most valuable assets in the world, namely the human resources.

            The institute’s Vision is stated in its slogan, “Train your brain & Shape your future”, through; a careful studying, & analysis in addition to, custom-tailoring of the most suitable; as well as convenient training programs, in addition to many off the shelf ones, that meets the different job description requirements towards a successful career

Our Mission

In order to maintain the   standard level of training and evaluation processes, the Institute has signed many agreements and understandings with a number of global institutions and universities in the field of human development in the European Union and the United States of America, Egypt, India & Kuwait and Sudan; to bring in experts, training materials, and maintain continuous improvement in the process of sustainable human development.


Future Shaping Institute has
adopted & specialized in introducing advanced criteria for the profession
of education, through training of the trainers and developmental programs at
all levels, educational, behavioral and personal.

   We enhance training performance by providing modern advanced educational
technology programs which cope with the international standards and practices
through the following methodologies:


§  Determining
the goals of job performance

§  Assessing
the level of the employee’s capabilities.

§  Defining
capabilities required for the performance desired.

§  Monitoring
and evaluating the results of the training process and the extent to which
employees apply their knowledge and the advantage to the organization.

§  Reviewing
job tasks and levels of performance

§  Identifying
the gap between current performance levels & the standard performance

§  Recommending
and designing of the appropriate training programs.

§  Reporting,
analyzing, discussing and evaluating the results to the managers of departments
of development and training of human resources,