Self Development | 2023

DetailsEnd DateStart DatePriceLocationCourse TitleCode
Click HereDubaiConflict management and conflict at workFSSD001
Click HereDubaiProgram of time management and self-developmentFSSD002
Click HereDubaiProgram of time management and self-control of the pressures of workFSSD003
Click HereDubaiThe development of personal style and wealth of Interior (A journey through the self)FSSD004
Click HereDubaiExpressive body languageFSSD005
Click HereDubaiInterviewing skillsFSSD006
Click HereDubaiInfluencing skills and effective communicationFSSD007
Click HereDubaiSkills of negotiation and dialogue and persuasionFSSD008
Click HereDubaiNegotiation skillsFSSD009
Click HereDubaiManagement of ChangeFSSD010
Click HereDubaiSelf-management skills and delegation of authorityFSSD011
Click HereDubaiStrategic planning and creative thinkingFSSD012
Click HereDubaiAttention to results skillsFSSD013
Click HereDubaiLeadership skills, innovative and creative And turn them into practical reality and prepare their own ways of workingFSSD014
Click HereDubaiCommunication SkillsFSSD015
Click HereDubaiSetting GoalsFSSD016
Click HereDubaiPresentation SkillsFSSD017
Click HereDubaiCreative skills in the diagnosis and analysis of the problems of individual and collectiveFSSD018
Click HereDubaiSkills, creativity in planning and follow-up and innovation in the workFSSD019
Click HereDubaiNLP Diploma Neurolinguistics ProgrammingFSSD020
Click HereDubaiSelf-Management – Thinking & CreativityFSSD021
Click HereDubaiHow to get your business to the topFSSD022
Click HereDubaiThe Six Hats of ThinkingFSSD023
Click HereDubaiLateral ThinkingFSSD024