Secretary & Office Management | 2023

DetailsEnd DateStart DatePriceLocationCourse TitleCode
Click HereDubaiOrganize and streamlining of the procedures for the development of performanceFSSO001
Click HereDubaiThe foundations and principles of the Documentation and ArchiveFSSO002
Click HereDubaiPreparation of research and studiesFSSO003
Click HereDubaiReportingFSSO004
Click HereDubaiEffective ReportingFSSO005
Click HereDubaiReporting and writing the basic administrativeFSSO006
Click HereDubaiElectronic ArchivingFSSO007
Click HereDubaiModern methods of saving filesFSSO008
Click HereDubaiExecutive Secretariat of modernFSSO009
Click HereDubaiExecutive Secretariat developedFSSO010
Click HereDubaiExecutive secretarial and office management of modern CorporationsFSSO011
Click HereDubaiSecretarial and office managementFSSO012
Click HereDubaiIntegrated system for secretarial and office managementFSSO013
Click HereDubaiIntegrated system management officeFSSO014
Click HereDubaiCreative skills of secretarial and office managementFSSO015
Click HereDubaiDevelop the skills of secretaries and office managersFSSO016
Click HereDubaiDevelop the skills of private secretary to the senior leadershipFSSO017
Click HereDubaiDevelop the skills of the employee and the overall reserve in administrative organizationsFSSO018
Click HereDubaiLeadership in the practical applications of management information systemsFSSO019
Click HereDubaiEffective Management of MeetingsFSSO020