Human Resources Management & Training | 2023

DetailsEnd DateStart DatePriceLocationCourse TitleCode
Click HereDubaiDevelop of human resources systems and proceduresFSHR001
Click HereDubaiTraining and development of contemporary human resourcesFSHR002
Click HereDubaiDeveloping the skills of training and development officialsFSHR003
Click HereDubaiContemporary Qualification of officials of the Department of Human ResourcesFSHR004
Click HereDubaiStrategic directions for human resources management in contemporary organizationsFSHR005
Click HereDubaiWorkforce planning from the perspective of total quality management objectivesFSHR006
Click HereDubaiStrategies of modern training and preparation of comprehensive training plansFSHR007
Click HereDubaiTrainers the of TrainersFSHR008
Click HereDubaiHuman resources management and development of staff Through functional analysisFSHR009
Click HereDubaiProgram of training methodsFSHR010
Click HereDubaiManagement strategies, training and human resource developmentFSHR011
Click HereDubaiStrategies, training and management developmentFSHR012
Click HereDubaiSkills training of trainers and training packagesFSHR013
Click HereDubaiSetup organizational structures and job descriptionsFSHR014
Click HereDubaiRecent trends in management training and human resource developmentFSHR015
Click HereDubaiModern methods of personnel management in the field of information technologyFSHR016
Click HereDubaiEmpowerment for the development of human resourcesFSHR017
Click HereDubaiRehabilitation of the coordinators of training and follow-up training programs at workFSHR018
Click HereDubaiSimplification of procedures and systems and methods of workFSHR019
Click HereDubaiOutstanding performance and modern systems In the management of training and identify training needsFSHR020
Click HereDubaiHuman resources planning and measuring return on investment in training using computerFSHR021
Click HereDubaiPlanning and development of human resources the main road to the development of institutionalFSHR022
Click HereDubaiAssess the return on investment in trainingFSHR023
Click HereDubaiEvaluate the performance of employees and performance managementFSHR024
Click HereDubaiDevelopment and management of human resources for the leaders of the ExecutiveFSHR025
Click HereDubaiDevelopment and human resources planning strategy and measure the return on human performanceFSHR026
Click HereDubaiDescriptions and job evaluation and career planningFSHR027
Click HereDubaiSkills of managers in the preparation and implementation of training on the jobFSHR028
Click HereDubaiSkills training officers in the preparation and implementation of trainingFSHR029