Specialized Professional Law Skills

Programs Goals:
Develop familiarity with the concept of law and its divisions and sources.
Knowledge of the types of legislation, regulations and related laws and , decisions, and how to solve the conflict of laws problems.
Know what the administrative decision are, and the good methods of drafting the regulations and administrative procedures.
The preparation and drafting of contracts.
Getting acquainted with the procedures of judicial proceedings and conditions of its acceptance
Provide participants with the knowledge and the necessary legal requirements and consultation to ensure the safety performance of the functions. Also providing them with the legal and jurisprudence of their work to avoid legal problems and improve the level of performance.
Conditions to be met by the legal adviser to the facility.
Legal aspects between senior management and managers in all activities of the facility.
Suggested Programs for this Programs Group:
Each holder of a job in the legal institutions and the various bodies associated with the application of its rules and regulations, laws and legal decisions.
Office managers and workers in the field of administration and secretarial at various levels.
Employees of government departments involved in the application of e-government and administration development.