Self Development Skills

Programs Goals:
Development of management and leadership skills of participants, so that they can solve problems and lead the working groups.
Provide participants with ways and means of team building & preparation. Also provide them with the skills necessary to develop their team spirit and self-regulation.
Development of leadership and behavioral skills of executives, and deepen the concepts of management and leadership they have, and increase their ability to assume leadership and administrative responsibilities efficiently and effectively.
Defining the foundations of excellence to managers and the effective administrative leaders, in their work as well as, their individual behavior.
Hone the skills of the participants in the use of strategies of collective action and returns the impact, and deal with the attitudes and effectiveness of administrative leadership in the work.
Provide participants with the skills and methods of performing arts and modern management, confrontation and dialogue and persuasion techniques.
Suggested Programs for this Programs Group:
Officials and supervisors assigned to their team building, supervising and directing their activities towards the set goals as well as officials on the implementation of projects in various organizations.
Everyone who requires the presentation of reports on management meetings and committees, coaches, teachers and candidates for these posts.