Procurement & Warehousing

Programs Goals:
Give participants the ability to perform the functions of effective negotiation in procurement within an integrated team to achieve the benefit of the organization.
Provide participants with the foundations of scientific and practical management systems of procurement and warehousing.
Develop the skills of the participants in the planning and control of procurement and warehousing.
Link the work of procurement and stores with the achievement of total quality within the facility.
Preparing the department of procurement and warehousing to match the requirements of ISO 9000.
Enable participants to identify the impact of competition in the pricing of bids and different approaches to pricing.
Enable participants to identify different strategies for the tender applicants and their motivations behind it and to develop appropriate strategies to deal with the analysis and evaluation of bids.
Suggested Programs for this Programs Group:
Officials in the departments of contracts and specialists on the preparation and supervision of construction contracts, supplies, who are responsible for the bidding or study and evaluation of the tender applicants.
Officials in the procurement departments and candidates for these jobs, as well as workers in other departments.