Marketing, Sales & Customer Service

Programs Goals:
Provide participants with the methods of sales forecasting.
Develop the skills of the participants, especially the formulation of planning, goal setting and situational analysis.
Give participants the ability to develop plans and solutions for marketing and sales budgets and schedules.
Help participants on how to transform their ideas into practical plans and programs.
Provide participants with modern methods and strategies in international marketing and inform them about the new issues in this area, as well as the weight of the participants’ skills in how to develop marketing strategies in the vicinity of the international economy.
Suggested Programs for this Programs Group:
Increase the capacity of participants to deal with the effects of the GATT and how to develop policies to deal with these effects and to identify the obligations arising on the member states.
Senior management in charge of the development of strategies, as well as marketing sales and advertising managers, also in foreign trade companies and members of the trade representation of the ministry of economy and foreign trade.
Heads of departments and marketing departments, sales, advertising and candidates to fill these positions in various organizations.