Human Resources & Development

Programs Goals:
Analyze and discuss the tools and methods used to upgrade the human performance, and try to penetrate the familiar barrier in the world of training and exceeded the limits of the actual activities currently in place, in order to develop and change the regulations, policies and current methods, for enhancing the performance of the human element in the various organizations from the perspective of strategic planning, training and monitoring of development.
Developing of the skills and capabilities of those working in the activity of human resource management and provide them with information and skills that enable them to do, their jobs effectively and efficiently, and understand the pivotal role they play as supervisors of human resources, and enable them to prepare a plan suitable for the exploitation and development of human resources.
Suggested Programs for this Programs Group:
Directors & heads of various training departments and are responsible personnel for human resource development and candidates for these jobs in various organizations.
Supervisors and human resources specialists and personnel in the various organization.