Educational Institutions Management

Programs Goals:
Identify the concept of school management as an integrated system and modern functions of the appropriate global variables
Discuss the advantages and characteristics of open education systems as a property to develop new education performance.
Building the self-capacities of staff and provide them with the skills and innovative abilities and creativity that help the performance of the teaching process efficiently through the knowledge of the teaching methods in the development of creative educational process.
Increase the skills of faculty staff in the formation of a creative mind to students and to identify methods to increase the momentum of creative students and how to launch their innovative capabilities continuously.
Develop the skills of the participants necessary for effective leadership and effective educational supervision.
Suggested Programs for this Programs Group:
Managers, supervisors and principals in schools and scientific institutes and directors of school districts and in their equivalents.
Educational leaders and regional managers and officials in the management of public and private schools and every person appointed to an administrative, executive and leadership position in the ministries of knowledge and education.