Customs Administration & Development

Programs Goals:
Review of the scientific concepts of modern customs procedures at sea ports, air and ground.
Non-tariff methods and means to protect domestic goods . Factors affecting and the ingredients for success in the protection of domestic goods. Ways to improve and develop local goods in light of overall quality with applications, forms, and practical situations.
Global changes and their impact on contemporary customs procedures. How to make the customs violation of and smuggling. Substantive violations and irregularities of form. On smuggling and customs forms. Elements of customs smuggling.
Methods of control of contraband and counterfeit, and the role of customs in this area, the art of dealing with the public, functional behavior, anti-smuggling, the methods of traffickers in smuggling and methods of detection, the concept of branding and communication skills with manufacturers and also the discovery of methods of deception and the health risks associated with them.
Suggested Programs for this Programs Group:
All officials working in customs’ sector in different positions (administrators, technicians observers ).
Workers in the areas of public and private free markets, free trade zones and transit, and also public and private stores